Mohsen Saraji , hichaa gallery , هیچا گالری

The project for the identification of emerging young artists in the Middle East begins.

Mohsen Saraji, the founder of HICHAA Gallery, talked about the necessity of paying attention to emerging artists. In an interview with ARTFA News Agency, he spoke about the prospects of the presence of young and emerging Middle Eastern artists in the world and added, “HICHAA Gallery’s consultants and specialists of the gallery have devoted themselves to identifying original native artists so that human geography is also effective in the formation of their works.”

The author of “Beautiful City” book series said, “In addition to the technique, artistic expression, and artistic style of artists in the creation of artworks, art enthusiasts and professional audience of art now pay attention to human geography, identity, and evolution of artists’ growth. Hence, the identification of emerging and unknown artists opens a new door in the field of introducing contemporary artworks.

This collector of emerging Iranian artists’ artworks added, “We try to support these artists and introduce their works to art lovers abroad. An exhibition of works by this Iranian collector will soon be held in Europe.”

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