Wisdom Storm


Powerful and energetic young, but in blindness…. powerless old, but in sight … the combination of these two creates a storm.

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Although this work, called Storm, has a heterogeneous form in overall composition, but was properly performed in derails, including selection of rock color, creating gaps and texture on the body, and the joints. Vertical piece on the top with a hole on its top is a symbol of a young man standing with his right eye lost. Junction of this piece with the bottom horizontal piece with a filled cavity in the end section is location at the end section – which shows old man who is weak but wise and seeing. These two pieces are connected with a revolving piece of wire. With this work, the artist wants to show a minor storm that will be emerged as a result of the connection of a wise old man with a strong young man.

In connection with and relying on the old man who has a more expansive view, the young man gains capabilities and it is in the connection of these two that the storm arises.

Although the artist tried to avoid real and stereotype forms, abstract forms of this sculpture contain a stereotype message: The thought that the old people are always wise but weak and the young people are inexperienced but strong is a classic thought which particularly belongs to Eastern culture and selection of this sculpturing style for such a concept of this artist implies a strong contradiction.


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