This artwork is from the collection “Torgheh”, which reflects the search in the image language and figurative in the embodiment of the human state; a poetic search for something beautiful and magical with a prospect of isolation and soleness.

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Many images of an imperfect man with a look full of despair is the first thing that is seen when looking at this work, because a man’s eye is seen right in the intersection of horizontal and vertical third lines on the top right that persuades the looker to search within the painting. The nose and lips of the figure is not continued along the eyes and two big and exaggerated eyes of a butterfly are seen next to the line on the left bottom of the painting. The butterfly is resting on the wounded hand of the man. The butterfly is a symbol of human life and spirit, religious and morality, and a symbol of return of Christ in Christianity. In the artist’s view, the man loses his morals and beliefs, watching breaking of his life and spirit wings.

With its precise and moderate composition, the painting achieved a classic beauty. The pale red spots on the left are balanced with good components of the face and the butterfly, helping excursions of looks at the painting. Use of collage in texture and base of the work makes the painter’s intended gap and breakage (between the man and his life) show itself more. Although colors are slowly changes, there is a kind of confusion on the picture; the confusion that is resulted from the man’s desperation in today’s noisy, mechanical, and sophisticated life.


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