Dream, sleep and unconscious mind are all components of the objectivity that is formed on the canvas. The nightmares of painting the shape goes so far as the human soul exits from its body and they achieve relative calm. Experience of self-abandonment.

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A painter’s world is his canvas, as said in Hitler’s psychoanalytic critique; he made the world his painting canvas since he was not successful in painting!

The turbulent world of this painting is apocalyptic. The intermixed figures of humans, whether those living in the seemingly higher parts of this place, or those who have fallen down and been crushed underfoot, have been depicted in the same limbo. This is perhaps what the author attempts to show through this painting. Although the figures in this painting are separated by peripheral lines and color, they are in a continuous movement, connected to the sky and the earth, and in a tumultuous connection with other human beings regardless of race, gender, and class. Although various colors have been used in this work, cool gray is the dominant color. The painter speaks of a world beyond logic and abstract thinking: our connection to one another and to the whole world. In this great apocalypse, human grief is no longer seen although it exists in the details of the faces and organs, especially the hands and eyes, and the universe is too deep and complex for a single human to find luck in. This movement of the form and color has been portrayed explicitly and figuratively, though tremulously, and makes its audience reflect on it


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