Dream, sleep and unconscious mind are all components of the objectivity that is formed on the canvas. The nightmares of painting the shape goes so far as the human soul exits from its body and they achieve relative calm. Experience of self-abandonment.

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The anxiety and agitation is the result of diffusion of the movements and rotation of the combination of the figures in the painting. Inversion of the painting at first glance shows the artist’s outlook to his surrounding world. portraying hands next to the faces is another element for conveying anxiety in this artwork, and that is why we witness a bitter atmosphere in the painting despite the pure and often joyful colors; as if we experience simultaneously the pain caused by the human anxiety and agony, as well as the artful poem by Saadi Shirazi: “Human beings are members of a whole”. Ali Razghandi chooses honesty and leaves himself free to express his awareness and perception of the world to his audience in the form of painting without being entangled with the technical skills, yet in a quite professional way. Ali Razghandi’s works are human-based, as if he intends to depict the other elements of his witnessed world using tangled and compressed lines in the background while human figures remain the main elements of the painters’ world.


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