Dream, sleep and unconscious mind are all components of the objectivity that is formed on the canvas. The nightmares of painting the shape goes so far as the human soul exits from its body and they achieve relative calm. Experience of self-abandonment.

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The black sky dominates the green earth, and the earth has a human body being tormented under the feet of a “multi-headed quadruped”, an oppressive creature that has swallowed many a body and is simultaneously pregnant with a child to continue its path in the future. The giant body of oppression has crushed a weak creature and ignored him. The crushed figure’s eyes have been depicted in a clear, innocent and painful manner and in bright and calm colors, while the upper multi-headed man has no symmetrical eyes to see well. The upper figure has been drawn in a strange, horrible and ugly appearance, while the crushed man has a human figure, and the painter shows the oppression that the dominated human beings are suffering.

However, this painting is a combination of fear and hope. The black sky is adorned with bright stars, and the earth is embellished with grass. In spite of depicting the grief and fear of the domination of a monster on an innocent human, this image seems to be only a record of a state in the form of a photo, and the states may change after this event, as the use of vivid colors and the beautiful background shows this hope for the future.


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