My F*** Bourgeois Client


This refers to the artist’s memory of buying an artwork from him and taking a more valuable ones as a gift!

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The artist says: “the rich buyer who wants a work in addition to his bought work as a gift from the artist and takes it with him sparks the idea of building this work in the artist’s mind”. This work, which is more a cut embossed picture than a sculpture, is named My Damned Bourgeois Statue and has a relatively standing composition with some details in performing. The grooves on the stone were made to form coat collar to emphasize that the subject is male. Moreover, the waves on the face serve as the beard of the male figure. Other wavy lines are signs of moody requests of a rich man – i.e. the abovementioned buyer. The eyes show a mixture of amazement and narcissism. The man’s figure was creatively deformed, reminding of cubism works. Compared to other works of the artist, this work is more formalistic and takes some distance from language structure. The way the rope is places on the coat can remind of a clock and chain pocket, from which a single eyeglass is hanging (which is symbol of rich people from bourgeois class). On the left bottom, a cottage with a closed wooden door is illustrated as symbol of monopolization of the bourgeois buyer.


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