Gone with the Road


This artwork is in fact the conversation between the artist and the truck driver; a truck that his father had taken when he was young. Now his father is dead, the car is outdated and he has to replace the truck’s woods that has been with his father for years and miles.

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This work is an embossed picture, called Gone on the Road, made of wood and stone. The wood used in this work was rotten lumber on the bottom of truck trailers that remembers the story of the statue. Three carved faces, from the biggest to the smallest, may represent three generation of a family that carry cargoes from a city to another on the roads to make a living, struggling for survival. Their life goes on the roads.

“a young driver was strongly carving loud the rotten lumber on the truck trailer bottom with an axe to replace it with new lumber and resume his father’s job”. This is the artist’s immediate story when he sees the rotten lumber. It is one of the events an artist frequently faces during the days and nights and makes them subjects of his works. This meeting between an old man and a young man that represents pace of life is also included in other works of the artist and somehow represents a man’s natural fear of getting old; a fear that is obvious in the faces by their design and roundness of the eyes. The lines on the first face from the left side of the picture are more and deeper, getting less and less deep on the other faces respectively, such that the last face represents a little child. It seems like the wooden bar along the faces is an abstract demonstration of natural passage of life for the next generations in this embossed picture.


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