Name: Sohrab SepehriAbout:

Sohrab Sepehri (born on October 6th, 1928 in Kashan – died in April 21st , 1980 in Tehran) was an Iranian poet, writer and painter. He is one of the most important contemporary poets of Iran and his poems have been translated into many languages including English, French, Spanish and Italian. In painting, he benefited from the aesthetic achievements of the East and the West, which were reflected in his works. In his paintings, he had a new and different approach, so that the geometric forms in his works were different from all the contemporary figurative painters of his era. In painting, he achieved a concise, semi-abstract style that was useful for expressing his poetic discoveries in a desert nature. Sepehri used to hold most of the domestic exhibitions of his paintings at Seyhoun Gallery while he was not used to participating in exhibitions in introduction day. Sepehri holds the record for the price of modern Iranian painting. In 2014, two of his paintings (paintings of tree trunks and another abstract painting) were sold at a price of one billion and eight hundred million tomans. In 2016, two other paintings from his collection of tree trunks were sold at an auction in Tehran at the highest bid price (the first work was 3 billion and the second work was sold at 1 billion and 550 million tomans).
The record of painting sales in Iran also belongs to one of the perspectives of this painter, which was sold in 2018 in Tehran at a price of five billion and one hundred million Tomans. Sohrab Sepehri was diagnosed with leukemia in 1979 and for this reason he traveled to England for treatment in the same year, but his disease had progressed a lot and he returned to Tehran after his failing treatment.
He finally died on the evening of Monday, April 21st , 1980 in Pars Hospital in Tehran due to leukemia.