Name: Iran DarroudiAbout:

Iran Darroudi is a revered Iranian painter, director, writer, art critic and university professor.She was born in 1936 in Khorasan to a prominent dynasty.Her paternal family were well-known merchants in the north-eastern province,while her maternal family were caucasian merchants,who travelled to Iran following the Soviet Revolution and took residence in Mashhad.
In 1968 Darroudi was commissioned by the ITT corporation to create an artwork, entitled Iranian Petroleum, on the occasion of the launch of a pipeline from Abadan to Mashahr. The painting generated a great deal of media interest and was published in the likes of Time magazine, Newsweek and Life Magazine — to name but a few. The artwork was later dubbed “Our Veins, the Earth’s Veins,” by Ahmad Shamlu, a distinguished Iranian poet.
Darroudi continues to add to her ever-growing collection. To date she has held 60 exhibitions worldwide, and contributed to some 200 group exhibitions across Europe, Central America, Japan and of course her homeland, Iran.
Following her success in arts, Darroudi took on a new adventure. In 1966 she began to learn directing at the RCL institute in New York City. That’s where she met her husband, Parviz Moghadasi, who was also studying television directing at the time. The two began to collaborate with each-other on various projects at a newly established television production company. Over the period of six years, they produced over 80 documentaries about both Iranian and international artists. Her work was consequently recognised by Iran’s university of Sharif, where she was invited to lecture the History of Art as an honorary professor.