Name: Manoucher YektaiAbout:

Manoucher Yektai is an Iranian American artist who belongs to the school of New York School Abstract Expressionist.

Manouchehr Yektai (born in Tehran,1922) is an American-Iranian painter and poet. He is one of the most outstanding painters in the style of abstract expressionism and one of the pioneers of contemporary Iranian painter, and is also a mighty poet. The main feature of his works is unpretentiousness.
Yektai has lived in Iran for 22 years. He dropped out of college of fine arts and completed his education at the National High School of Fine Arts in Paris and the United States. Ebrahim Golestan is his friend.
His first solo exhibition was held in New York in 1951, and soon he was featured between New York art lovers. A few years later, his artworks were shown in other cities like Washington, Chicago and Baltimore, and the New York Museum of Modern Art bought a painting and two designs from him.
Yektai has established itself as an Iranian artist at the New York Painters School, along with artists such as Jackson Pollock and William de Koning. About his works is written:
“Manouchehr Yektai is a painter of happiness and delicacies of our world, and while he is working in a new way, he has not forgotten romance and happiness of life, it is as if he does not have any pain at all, and because of this the effect that many human beings suffers, does not know, and goes through the world beyond the ordinary. “
from “camagallery” website