Name: Parviz TanavoliAbout:

Parviz Tanavoli (born 23 March 1937 in Tehran) is an Iranian sculptor, painter, scholar and art collector.

Parviz Tanavoli was born in Tehran, March 23, 1937, in middle class family. From the age of ten to eleven, he began his artistic work with playing violin under the supervision of some of the master artists such as Niknavaz and Abolhassan Saba. Tanavoli continued her education at Adib High School. By finishing of his high school, he went to Kamal-ol-Molk art Academy. In 1953, the Academy of Fine Arts was established in Tehran, and he enrolled in the field of sculpture. After spending three years in sculpture, he traveled to Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1956 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.

After two years, the amount of money that he had from teaching music and family fund ended, and in 1957 he was forced to return to Iran. He says: “Returning to Tehran, whether it was due to the necessity of providing money or perhaps getting scholarship, but actually made good opportunities for me. In a few months I stayed in Tehran, I created a lot of things and held two exhibitions. At the first exhibition, I showcased designs and engravings that were mostly made in Italy. Most of these designs were drawn from the model, but I also exhibited several designs that I had made in other concepts in Tehran. The subject of carvings was mainly public baths or buskers. In addition, the works of Manouchehr Shibani, a poet and painter, were also featured there.

In 1957, Tanavoli exhibited completely different works of engravings, pottery and sculptures made of disposal metal. It was the first time in Iran that a collection of works by a sculptor was showcased. After the exhibition, he met with the Minister of Culture of that time, Mehrdad Pahleband, at the end of the year, and he received scholarship from Ministry of Education to study in Italy. This time he went to Milan and at the Brera Academy he trained with the outstanding Italian sculptor Marino Marini for almost two years. In 1959, he received his diploma in first place in terms of excellence in grades from the Berra Academy, and his sixteen artworks has shown at the Re Magl Gallery in Milan as the best works of a graduate sculptor of that year. Parviz Tanavli’s sculptures has major difference with other sculpture. The fountains of others. The sculpture essentially relies on its apparent architecture, but Parviz cares about its space and the shape of the sculpture. A mysterious inner space that influences the shape of the sculpture and shows the mystery, the locks and the tabs that work or create the sculptures.

Parviz Tanavoli is also an Iranian carpet expert and Namadic wool, who spent many years studying Gabbeh among tribes and villagers, and eventually published a research paper in London 1983 to introduce it to the world. He has also designed and create a collection of jewelry that has been well received.